Why you need an email list as a photographer

Have you ever heard other's talk about newsletter marketing thinking "That is nothing for me, I am a photographer, what should I do with newsletters?" It is a popular belief that either photographer doesn't need a newsletter and email list and that email marketing is dead! I can tell you from my own experience that email [...]

The marketing napkin: How to define your ideal client

  The marketing napkin is a marketing series to inspire you to get your creative business forward. The ideal client is one of the most read posts on my photography website jenniferhejna.com and that is why I wanted to share it here with you: ______________ So let's have a nice glass of red Cabernet Sauvignon [...]

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How to set up your pricing for a profitable business – Part 3

If you are anything like me you want to work creatively all day and avoid those little black numbers that keep dancing on my screen every time I pay invoices and look at my bank account. I am a creative with a nerdy brain and I could write codes for hours but as soon as [...]

How to set up your pricing for a profitable business – Part 2

Do you know how many small businesses (specially creatives) fail within the first 5 years? Every second one. I am not saying this to scare you. I am saying this to open your eyes. In the first post: How to set up your pricing for a profitable business - Part 1 we discussed the problem [...]

How to set up your pricing for a profitable business – Part 1

Chances are high when you read this post that you are a creative person who would do everything to just work on her/his craft all day and be creative and create beautiful work. Chances are high when you just said "YES, that is me" that you have some problems with the other side of the [...]

How to get inspired without turning into a copy cat?

In our digital world and the easy access to great photography gear there is just one thing left that differentiates photographers from each other: inspiration. I often get asked how to find inspiration and how to be sure you don't copy someone else's images. Let me tell you one thing first: everything has already been there. [...]

Three things you should think about when you run a business with a creative mind

When I started working fulltime in my business in October 2010 my days were just like I imagined them: I got up and changed into sweat pants and a comfy jumper, I made coffee and somewhere I started working - checking Facebook first of course as that was now allowed officially. I worked creatively on [...]

5 SEO tips to make sure your blog gets found on google

SEO is a big topic for every small and big business owner. Either you are a photographer or you run your own cupcake store you want to make sure people will find you on google. Because the first thing everybody does when searching for a shop, a service, a vendor, a dress, a product, a [...]

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